These are samples of the scripts that I created during my time at Riot Games. During my time there I worked in MEL, Python/PyMEL, and ExtendScript. The following scripts are intended as examples of style and are sample of the scripts I am capable of producing. The majority of the scripts I created were integrated into Riot's internal systems and I do not feel comfortable posting them.

Python examples

Map Downloader

A downloader for tiled based maps, specificity tailored to the new Summoners Rift Map released by Riot Games available on a separate page with explanation

Flow Maps

Example flwo map generated by the script Flow Map Converter, image writer
2d fluid simulation to vector flow texture (*.ppm)

This script was used to help effects artists convert simulation data in Maya to an image that would help direct the panning of textures along the river in Summoners Rift. I collaborated with an engineer to synchronize the image output to the shader input so that minimal artist time was needed for image retouching. The *.ppm image format was chosen because it was a pure ascii image format that was Potoshop compatible minimizing external library dependencies.

Map Duplication
Map Copy - This script was used to create local copies of map content to help give artists their own working copy of the content enabling rapid iteration. This iteration folder was numbered higher than any potential map ship number to prevent conflicts and could be checked into perforce allow for version control. Since maps had numbered identifiers a wrapper function was added to simply the copy interface.


ExtendScript example

DDS exporter interface pannel

Manifest Management
handle folder for source and output files.

The manifest management script is part of a Photoshop texture export tool that helped reduce Texture Artist iteration time from 60+s / export to under 2s. The manifest component held information about what folders on the source mapped to what output folders. The libraries included in this script were also written by me and the entire tool is available on request.